Persimmon Cover

Heather Gin New Album “Persimmon” 🍊

Heather Gin’s new album “Persimmon” 🍊 released 6/4/2021 on all music platforms. 🔥🔥🔥

Artist comments – “This album is very personal to me as I worked on the entire songwriting and production of the project alone while in quarantine over the pandemic. During that time, my late 90 year old grandma was very sick, so I was visiting her frequently while strictly quarantining from everyone outside of my immediate family for over a year to ensure I wouldn’t be putting her at risk for COVID. While working on the post-production, she passed away on April 14th, 2021 (may she rest in paradise). I decided to dedicate the album to my grandma and name it after her persimmon tree 🍊which stands tall in her garden today.

What an emotional rollercoaster it has been! Music has always been an important part of my life since I started playing piano at age 4 and getting involved with my church praise team. Music has kept my chakras balanced and given me a way to escape tough times like it does for many others. Learning to produce my own music over the recent years has been empowering as an artist and no better time to tap into those skills while in quarantine! Even though the pandemic brought a lot of suffering to this world (and it continues today as I write this post 😔 ), it was a blessing for me to connect with my loved ones and spend the most time I have ever spent in my life with my daughter, and my grandma since I graduated high school and left home. The pandemic also gave me pockets of downtime to reflect and get back into the groove of writing. All of that is encompassed into this dear project, Persimmon🍊 , which is my gift that I give to all of you!

With that, I give you the soundtrack of my quarantine life, the inner workings of my alter-ego, and so much more. God bless and thank you visiting my website and taking time to read this. Feel free to give me a shout out on any of my social platforms @HeatherGin.”

Peace, HG ❤️🙏

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