Artist Bio

Heather Gin was raised in Oregon then moved to Seattle. Born to South Korean parents she is one of five siblings who all played instruments so music came to her naturally. At a very young age, she began learning classical piano, which proved to be extremely useful as time went on. Heather also started to hone her vocal abilities in church as a praise leader, but it wasn’t until she attended University of Washington when she really began seeing her full potential. During this time she began working with Seattle producer, Vitamin D. She toyed with the idea of doing her own music but didn’t make it a reality until one late night in the studio working on a record for a local artist. Heather went into the vocal booth and from that moment on, a star was born. She began learning more about everything behind the boards which has made her a formidable engineer and producer in her own right. She started working with her studio partners at Soundcheck Musik creating an introductory EP titled, “HG” which included her debut single “Take Me Home” produced by Vitamin D. The EP fell into the hands of The Source’s magazine rep, Omar Amin, and this prompted a telephone conference with then Def Jam Junior A&R, Ryan Davis. They talked a few times and then began working together while he shopped her to Def Jam, Cherrytree and Interscope respectively. During this time Heather was contacted by Alan Stibbe of Knockeen Hills London to be brand ambassador for their new liquor, Heather Gin. Things seemed to be moving along nicely, but then Ryan left Def Jam leaving them in an independent space again. Patience prevailed as Heather went on to become the first lady of Davis’s The Debonaire Group imprint. They began working on her new single “Tonight” with label mate DJ Aqueous, which was released through The Debonaire Group/Ingrooves/Universal Music Group. Heather went on to release her first full-length studio album titled “Passion,” which includes production from Grammy-nominated producer Kuddie Fresh, Vitamin D, DJ Aqueous, Michael Kidd, and Heather herself. Immediately following the release of her album, Heather Gin started gaining attention and eventually began working with Roc Nation hit maker, Jahlil Beats, releasing her next single “Classy Girl Strut.” With her consistent hard work ethic and dedication recognized publicly, Heather was voted Northwest’s Best Female Vocalist at the 2014 Seattle Sound Music Awards. Now having taken some time off to reflect some personal things, she pours herself into her new offering “Liberation.” It’s a more personal offering with a refreshed HG. Having recently gone through a tumultuous relationship, this record comes straight from her soul. The line up is even more impressive with production from Seattle native Sango, hitmaker supreme Timbaland, Dj Aqueous, and more. She opts out of guest appearances for the most part, excluding Maybach music’s head honcho, Rick Ross and Scoop Lo. Her creative input on this new offering is ever-present, and her vocal range is depicted as her best yet. She raises herself up to new heights and is more personal than we ever get from her, with a subtle vulnerability masked in confidence. Heather Gin represents women everywhere and she shows it in her new project. It’s very liberating, to say at the least.